Vodka Liquor

Vodka liquor is liquor which is distilled has a crystal clear color but surprisingly not a very specific taste or aroma. Its alcohol content ranges between 40-56 percent. It is a neutral drink and has no flavoring during its processing. Vodka can be made from the most easily available and common raw materials and ingredients E.g. Potatoes in Russia etc.

If there is any doubt or confusion of the fact – whether Vodka is a liquor or not? Then the answer is – yes, undoubtedly; Vodka is liquor.

The second cause of concern and doubt is Vodka hard liquor? This question is also answered in the affirmative. Yes it is liquor and the liquor content ranges from 80-100. Traditionally and initially it was more of a favorite amongst the Russians.

Is Bacardi also from the Vodka family? As we all know there is famous liquor called as Rum. Bacardi is rum. A little confusion occurs in minds when they see no or very little color in Bacardi bottles. As more often than not alcohol that is clear in color is usually associated with Bacardi. Please note that alcohol of any kind can be clear. The yellowish or golden color of rum is gained when ageing takes place in wooden barrels. At times there are other additional ingredients that change the color of the liquid drink or at times even artificial coloring agents are used.

Are all liquors initially called vodka? Not exactly, as the process of making liquor is almost the same. First fermentation takes place with the help of yeast. The originally fermented sugar and the distilled aging process form the special flavors of different types of liquor.

Is Vodka a Liqueur? Since vodka is liquor it is not a liqueur. Liqueur is comparatively not a modified spirit. Liqueur is strongly flavored, sweet and strong liquor which is enjoyed after meals.

In India there is Asoka Distillers and Chemicals, measuring a site of about 25 acres. It is located away from polluted areas in the midst of beautiful fields. They manufacture country liquor as well as all the Indian made foreign liquor. The factory owns the best equipments required for making and testing of liquor. This helps them to ensure that their product is capable of entering the international market adhering to all the international quality standards. They deal with all the premium export brands of liquor.

To mention a few:

Red Passion Premium Vodka – It is perfectly distilled to get the sublime taste.
Gold Class Whiskey – Made of the finest Indian grains and the malts from oak barrels.

Red Caveliar Whiskey: Again a blend of Indian sgrain and malts matured in oak barrels.

Caligula Rum: Traditionally made from juniper berries and refined Indian spirits. Has an aroma of the juniper berries.

Angel’s Haven Gin: A good blend of mature rum in pak wood barrels.

Angel’s Haven Deut: Rum blend matured in pak wood barrels.

Take your pick and enjoy your favorite Vodka Liquor.